Explore France : Visit to a medieval town

Recently, I happened to visit the medieval town called Senlis (pronounced as saw-lees) in the North of France. We crossed Le chateau de Chantilly on our way, so we took the liberty of a short stroll break there and then headed up to the gothic town. Incidentally, there was a medieval festival happening on the same weekend and we were lucky to witness a "game of thrones" kind of costume party. 
In all, sunny day + old french town + beer and sheep = perfect country side visit

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St. Malo, France 2015

St. Malo is a walled port city in Brittany in the northwest region of France. I know this sounds like a definition right out of wikipedia and guess what? IT IS! 'Coz like many of ya'll, I hadn't heard of this place until my friend Bipasha asked "Sanju, we are driving down to St. Malo tmrw. Wanna join?" 
I, ofcourse, had nothing better to do on a lazy sunny Sunday and jumped on the impromtu offer. (Also, I had just been gifted a brand new Archos phone with a kickass 16mp camera and I needed an excuse to try it out.) And boy did I abuse that excuse or what. 

St. Malo was our final destination which we conquered on the second day.

St. Malo was our final destination which we conquered on the second day.

We set out driving from Paris around 10am, picked up stuff at the market, ate lunch at Rennes and finally reached by 4pm. Since the first day was cloudy and mellow, we stayed and chilled at a nearby town called Dinard. It's apparently the Cannes of the north. Now Dinya, as we fondly called it, was a quiet and calm place with a small accessible patch of beach and a really long sea side trail. We walked a long way and ended our evening with a delicious french meal at Le Beau Séjour in Dinard.

The next day we woke up to a bright shiny sun and reached St. Malo by noon.
Now this place was ab-so-lute-ly gorgeous. The light was perfect, the landscapes were breathtaking, the fort city was warm and inviting, people were cheerful, the food and alcohol was great! Couldn't have been better.

Have you been to St. Malo? What did you do differently?
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