How to kill your right brain

Okay, here we go with my first official blogpost. I could have begun it with titles like "10 ways to survive sea waves" or "I cannot believe what happened next. Watch it to believe it" to get maximum attention. But I'd like to try and be real. 

Having lived in Paris for 2 years, I could write about how to blend with the common Parisian habits or what cheese to try with a baguette but I'd rather present a dear project. I'd totally expect you to react with "why do I even care?" But that's the whole point, right. How can you not care? To begin with this project is about us, yup each and every one of us. How often do we succumb to daily dilemma of "why am I in this job?" or conclude "nah! I am not that creative"? I'd really like to say 5% but sadly it is 75% of the people with jobs. This only means that our left and right brains have argued for hours and we most likely have allowed the left side to win. But why? 

We can't deny that humans are born artists - be it any art. You will realize it sooner or later that each of us have a creative flair in ourself. But we suppress that thanks to the pressures of societal clichés. One of the popular assumptions that 'art hardly pays' contributes to the murder of our artistic soul. We slog ourselves in jobs that drive us into the monotonous whirlwind to survive the ever challenging circumstances of life, thus killing the artist that once resided within us. Every time we allow the left brain to win, there is a death of an artist within.

Presenting to you some of the exclusive unpublished shots from the project 'Death of an artist'. This incredible project was published in the September Issue 37 of Tantalum Magazine. You can check the entire project with my exclusive interview here.

(if blogs had Foreword) I shot these images by the coastline of Mumbai in India with a fabulous team. By fabulous I mean FANTABULOUS mind you. Because I know there is no one who would drown himself in such fierce sea water, drink tons of it while hugging all the repulsive waste of Indian seabed for a project. I know no stylists who would rise at 3am only to submerge themselves chest deep into the brown sea and run with material in the scorching heat at 41˚C for 10hrs. But if you are one of them, we must get in touch! :)

Model - Himanshu Singh

Stylists - Lovedeep Gulyani / Indrakshi Ria Pattanaik @ Tiny Fingers

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