Where do you come from?

I don't feel like talking too much today, honestly.

To start with, I am not a writer. I don't think I can write well, but I know I can imagine well. And I can transform these imaginations into pictures well. Being a visual artist, ideally my blog should be filled with images without any text. Simple images that evoke a feeling. Any feeling. It could be from melancholy to rage to surprise, anything. 

So, less talking, more feeling. I would leave you with these exclusive out takes from a dear project that was recently featured on my favorite fashion blog of the prestigious Lone Wolf Magazine. Presenting some of my fav extras from "Bombay, by heart"
Don't forget to see the full project here. It's heart warming, trust me!

I was born and brought up in this crazy city called "Bombay" in India even though my roots are from Goa. I may seem like I come from elsewhere because of my tiny eyes, a north indian sounding name and a family name like Telang (nope I am not from Telangana) 

I am more of a country side person with mountains on a side and sea on the other.
Honestly, you won't even find me speaking very highly of this city since I moved out 8years ago. But there is something about it that runs within me - in terms of my energy, my attitude, my outlook towards life, the style of my photography even. Don't you ever wonder sometimes, "wow! how did I manage to do that?" or "hmm. no idea how but I did it"
I believe, there is something intrinsic that always stays with you no matter how many miles or years away you are from the place you come from.
Don't you feel the same about your city of origin?
Let me know, would love to hear your view.