Sanjyot Telang is an Indian born photographer specialising in fine art portraits and fashion stories. Following a stint in advertising, she began photography by shooting weddings and commercial assignments in India and later moved to Paris to complete a Masters in Photography. Her work in fashion and advertising highlights the spontaneity of her models and her style inspired by the European art and the principles of the design. Particularly interested in the impact of social conventions and aesthetics of contemporary life, she seeks the unexpected, either in the choice of her models or even in her framing. Cinema remains her principle inspiration but daily interactions, personal experiences and complex human emotions play an important role in her melancholic style.
She lives in Paris and works between France and India since 2013 spinning stories and bridging the gap between fashion and journalism.



June 2018      Solo exhibition “Tous en Beauté” portraits of disabled kids in collaboration with Hôpital Trousseau (wip)
May 2018       Shortlisted by The Royal Photographic Society for RPS IPE 161
April 2018     Group exhibition of La Bourse du Talent winners at Maison de la Photographie, Lille
Mar 2018       Interview on BBC WORLD TV to present series “Many Queens” featuring transgenders in India.
Mar 2017       Published by Kaltblut Magazine (web feature)
Jan 2018         Group exhibition at Musée des Beaux Arts of Tournai as part of Tournai Ramdam Festival
Jan 2018         Interview with Radio FranceCulture with Mme Aude LAVIGNE for her show “Les carnets de la création”
Dec 2017        Group exhibition of La Bourse du Talent winners at BNF, Paris
Sept 2017       Fashion Misfits won La Bourse du Talent in category "Mode"
July 2017        Fashion Misfits won an Honourable mention in PX3 2017
Jan 2017         Published by My Medical Mantra
Jan 2017         Fashion Misfits featured by Buzzfeed India
Jan 2017         Fashion Misfits" featured on Kaltblut Magazine web feature
Mar 2016       Published in Hello! Magazine, India
Oct 2014        Published in OOB beauty Mag
Oct 2014        Featured in HUF online magazine
Oct 2014        Published by LoneWolf Magazine
Sept 2014      Published in Tantalum Magazine Issue 37
June 2014      Published by HUF magazine
Nov 2014       Nominated for Picto Prix de la Jeune Photographie de Mode
July 2013       Group exhibition of Annual PX3 award winners 2013
June 2013      Won Gold & Silver medal in PX3 awards 2013 for "Fogs of Mind"
May 2013       Group exhibition at Speos gallery
May 2013      Nominated for International Fine Art Photography Award